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'Iris' Yoga Mat - Yellow Willow


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All our mats are built as a mat and towel combination - micro- fibre suede fabric top bonded to 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber to provide you with grip and softness standards to beat the heat and keep your poses solid and deep. Mats are eco- friendly and biodegradable. No latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC or phthalates. Specifically designed with hot and Bikram yoga in mind, the unique surface texture and material improves throughout the duration of your practice. The more you sweat, the better the mat grips.

All fabrics are soft and gentle on your skin as well as UV resistant making them ideal for practising both indoors and outdoors.

Mats perform best when your hands are slightly damp. We recommend wetting your palms prior to practice. Alternatively, you can lightly spray your mat with water at the beginning of your yoga session

The entire mat is 100% machine washable, so it can be refreshed as often as needed.  We recommend washing mats on a cycle on their own each time in a gentle cold cycle. Hang out to dry. Indoor drying typically takes 48 hours. Do not tumble dry, its bad for the mat and for the environment.

Lightly spray your mat with a gentle cleaner after each practice to maintain freshness.


Colour fast, lightweight and good for travelling, with each mat weighing  2kgs.

Dimensions: 1730mm x 610mm, with 3mm black underside.

Mat sling: Length: 1500mm Thickness: 3m